At our company location in Eibiswald (district of Deutschlandsberg), we manufacture highly complex components for our customers which are simultaneously precisely shaped with particular surface qualities.

At FAM we combine additive manufacturing with CNC machining. We rely on our ample experience in dealing with CNC precision technology when post-processing 3D-printed components. It is not unusual for a workpiece coming out of the 3D printer to not yet be finished. For example, in order to obtain very smooth sealing surfaces or the very snug fits required for installation, we also need to mill, turn, ground or surface-treat the parts.

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Hybrid machining: First machining, then additive production

At FAM we also offer the production of hybrid components. First, a part of the workpiece is manufactured using the conventional CNC process and then completed using 3D metal printing. In this way we combine the advantages of CNC machining and generative manufacturing.

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